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Director Annabel Jankel
Rocky Morton
Writing Credits Steve Roberts
Genre Science Fiction/Drama
Runtime and Misc Runtime: 57 minutes
Country: UK
Plot Summary In the post-apocalyptic future where television sets are more important than food, TV ratings are the all important currency of the nation. A new technique of preventing viewers from channel surfing proves somewhat detrimental to particularly sedentary couch potatoes. The top studio becomes concerned: dead viewers make for low ratings. Edison Carter, top news reporter, is sent to find out more. After a motorcycle accident, his mind is preserved by wizz-kid Bryce and becomes his wise cracking, computer generated alter-ego: Max Headroom, who manages to boost ratings above those of any live hosts to date. This made for TV movie was later remade (sanitized version) as the first episode of the series.
Cast Matt Frewer as Edison Carter/Max Headroom Nickolas Grace as Grossman Hilary Tindall as Dominique William Morgan Sheppard as Blank Reg Amanda Pays as Theora Jones Paul Spurrier as Bryce Lynch Hilton McRae as Breugal George Rossi as Mahler Roger Sloman as Murray Anthony Dutton as Gorrister Constantine Gregory as Ben Cheviot Lloyd McGuire as Edwards Elizabeth Richardson as Ms. Formby Gary Hope as Ashwell Joane Hall as Body bank receptionist
Year 1985
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